Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Wrap-Up

Happy Fourth of July! Also, I'm sorry that this post is late. I try to post my monthly wrap-ups on the first Saturday of the month, but I had a busy week so I'm four days late.


Books Reviewed in June:

Oblivion by Jennifer Armentrout - I LOVE the Lux series and revisiting the first three books through Daemons POV was awesome!

Big Little Lies by Liana Moriarty - This was interesting, but a little slow for me.

Books Read in June:

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting - I was expecting this to be a YA murder mystery, and it was, but it leaned more to focusing on YA issues when I think they could have gone a little darker.

Books to read in July:

I have nothing planned for July. *Gasp* but for good reason. I have some other things in the works *smiles*. Keep reading for details.


I got Unearthed After Sunset back from my editor last week! I will be working through her suggestions in July. Also, I've been busy working on the third book in the Unearthed series. I'm about a third of the way done with that book. The first draft of Book #2 is done!

Also, I've been working on putting together an official website. So, hopefully, I'll be debuting that in July!


Again, I feel like I was slacking a bit in June when it came to blogging, especially with getting my monthly wrap-up out late, but I've been busy writing!

My Favorite Blog Posts in May:

Favorite Post Written: A-Z Book Tag - I love these book tags. After my long hiatus I only just discovered them this year, and I am obsessed. This was a fun one.

Favorite Post Read: Sex in Young Adult Books by The Butterfly Reader. This discussion post caught my eye because it's a topic I've looked into as well. YA books like to tackle coming of age issues that affect teenagers and young adults, but often sex is avoided or glossed over. I wrote a post called YA and the Need for Adult Themes back in 2012 where I shared similar thoughts as the Butterfly Reader about the issues I'd like to see more YA books tackle.


My husband and I went to Summerfest this past weekend. This year is the 50th anniversary of "the world's largest music festival," and we had a blast.

How was your June?

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