Monday, January 1, 2018

New Years Resolution: Read More INDIE Books

Last year for New Years, I did a book tag, setting goals for the books I wanted to read over the year, and last month I looked at how well I did at meeting those goals. There was one thing I realized. I may have read 15+ books last year (which isn't a lot for some, but for a full-time writer, working 50+ hours a week in Youth Services and renovating a house, that's a lot) but I only read 6 indie books, and only one of them was self-published.

As a self-published author who supports other self-published an indie writers I feel a little ashamed. So, this year my New Years resolution is to read more indie books!

My 2018  New Year's Resolution is to Read AT LEAST 10 Self-Published or Indie Books

To do this, I will need your help. If you have read a good indie book in the past year, I want to know about it. I've set up a form at the bottom of this page for readers and authors to submit books. From the list that generates, I will pick my 10 books. I will pick a new book after each book I finish, and I will post the entire list in a blog post for anyone else that wants to participate in this challenge.

[Note: I am not looking for free books. I intend to purchase the books I pick. Please do not e-mail me with inquiries.] 

Rules for Submitting Books:

1.Books must have been published in 2017 or 2018

2.Books must be self-published or published by an independent publisher

3.You CAN submit your own book if you are the author

4.Books submitted must have been professionally edited 

5.You can submit a book in ANY genre, however, I am more likely to decide to read your book if it is in the following genre's: [Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense] I read a lot of books with supernatural elements, but like non-supernatural suspense as well. I also like books with romantic subplots. I do not read erotica. That said, I will post the list for anyone who wants to do the challenge.

Rules for Completing the Challenge:

1.Set a goal for yourself to read a certain number of indie books in 2018

2.Choose books from my list, or find books of your own that are self-published or independently published, or generate your own list (If you make your own list, please share it in the comments below!

3.Use the #IndieBookGoal2018 to share about the indie books you're reading

4.Write Reviews!

I want to encourage all of you to join me in this resolution! Set a goal for yourself to read more indie books, read them, and post reviews. I will post the list I get of books if you want to pick books from there, or you can pick your own.

If you're going to participate, please share links in the comments below!

or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Free images for participants:


  1. I was planning to pledge to read 10 indie books this year,and I've already read 5, so I think it will turn out to be much more than that!

  2. An exciting challenge

  3. Are you also doing this in 2019?


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