Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review for Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer Armentrout

4 Stars. Holy Alien Babies!

I thought this book was a nice conclusion to the series, however I enjoyed the first half of the book far more than the second. It starts with Daemon and Katy being separated and eventually Katy being captured by the Luxen that Daemon and his siblings are staying with. And, I really enjoyed the tragic love scenario that developed as Katy and Daemon found themselves in the same place, but surrounded by enemies preventing them from being together. As the book progresses, however, the focus changes to more of a big picture kind of plot. Not, that there isn’t plenty of romance along the way, but the focus shifts from being about Katy and Daemon to being about saving the world they live in.

The overall concept of the invading aliens was intriguing. There’s this hive mentality going on with the Luxen and seeing how some of the Luxen fall in line with the Hive while others try to fight against that bond was interesting. 

This book ends in a very different place than the series started. It’s no longer the cute paranormal romance that Obsidian was. Instead it’s become a science fiction thriller. The character’s have grown up and they face some grown up problems, many of them with heartbreaking conclusions. This book changes everything in Katy’s life, and by the end of it, the world she lives in is forever altered.

Overall, I enjoyed how deep Armentrout’s characters were, including her villians. This book, more than any before it, really made you question who exactly the bad guys were. Right and wrong were complicated, and Katy and Daemon are thrown into situations where the right thing isn’t always obvious. They’re both forced to work with people they might otherwise consider the enemy for the greater good, and I enjoyed the level of complexity that was involved in their decisions.

Despite the upped level of seriousness there was still plenty of lighthearted moments as well. I particularly loved the protective brother moments Daemon has with Dee concerning her budding relationship with Archer. And, as usual the language is perfect. Each character has their own unique way of speaking. Overall, if you’ve read the Lux series up to this point you need to finish with this book. 

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