Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Make Time to Write

I've said before that if you wait around to have time to write that you'll never find it. You have to make time. However, sometimes that's easier than others. Life gets busy sometimes and when things in your life change it can throw off any rhythm you've fallen into with your writing.

Over the last few month's I've graduated with a BA in Psych, bought a house, and started a new job. For those of you who follow my blog I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to. I fell out of my rhythm, and it's gotten a lot harder to make time to write. But, I'm working on getting my groove back.


Below are some tips I've been using to make time to write with my increasingly busy schedule.

1. Use what's going on in your life to inspire your writing, like blogging about how to find time to write when your life seems to be getting busier.

2. Schedule time to write. Put it on your "To Do" list every day, and set reasonable goals, like write for 30 minutes or even just 15. It's more important to write a little every day than to knock out a large chunk of words. You want to be able to accomplish the goals you set.

3. Make sure the time you do have to write is distraction free. Don't multi-task writing and catching up on your favorite TV show. Devote whatever chunk of time you set aside for writing for just writing.

4. Be flexible. Life changes, schedules change. If you can't write for your 30 minutes at your normal time try to fit it in later in the day or adjust your schedule for the next day. Don't give up just because you missed your usual writing window.

5. Don't give up. If you fall into a slump where you haven't gotten any writing done for a while, it's never too late to start up again.

I hope these tips help. If you have any advice to share on how to make time to write please comment below.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review for Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

4.5 Stars. Well Paced and Exciting.

The funny moments give this book bit of a chick-lit feel, but the vampires are real vampires, and written in a way that you can believe they exist in our world. I liked the level of believability Charlaine Harris achieved.

Though at first I hated her name, I liked Sookie’s personality. She was straightforward and honest. I enjoyed seeing her being both a strong female lead as well as being protected by the vampire Bill. It felt like there was a good balance between making her a strong woman and keeping her soft. She felt like a real woman. Sometimes, however, her blunt questions and the dialogue that followed felt a bit like an info-dump. In fact the dialogue in general is where this book lost me a little. The author certainly captured the feel of southern speech, but sometimes the dialogue felt strange. It didn’t always sound natural to me. The kids however did sound like kids, and I really appreciated that. Children’s dialogue can be hard to write and too often they end up sounding either like babies or full grown adults. The author did a good job of giving them believable and age appropriate voices.

As for the other characters, I found them deep and interesting, many of them colorful as well, including the vampires. The vampires in this book were not thinly drawn monsters. They were people, fully fleshed out people with problems and issues and personalities. I think that really added to the believability of the story.

This book also had some nice descriptions making it easy to visualize Sookie’s world. Overall I enjoyed this story, and will continue with the series.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If they Re-Vamped Buffy...

I'm currently working on a story involving vampires (more info coming soon!), and of course I've been doing some vampy research, wanting to know what's been done, or what's been popular, so I can work my own original twist into the genre. I really want to get away from the Twilight-style story that has overpopulated the YA genre. I will not be writing a sappy insta-love, good-vampires, fluff piece. I want to write a story that looks at the harsh realities of what being a vampire means and relate that to real life issues. So, in my quest to read and watch everything vampire related I've been re-watching some of my favorite episodes of Buffy.

After getting sucked back into the magic of this series I found myself wishing it had never ended, and wondering what the show would be like if they re-booted it. (Rumors of which have been circulating for some time.)

How could they do it? Now the storyteller in me comes out, and since this is the Buffyverse we're talking about, anything is possible. The easiest way to go about it would just be a simple reboot. But, I think it would be more fun to connect it to the original series (kind of like what they did with the Star Trek movies). And how would they do that with Buffy, you ask? It's simple (once again, anything is possible in the Buffyverse) have someone make a wish, boom instant parallel universe where new writers can send Buffy down whatever path they want and have no requirements to staying true to the shows original cannon. All it would take would be any one of the original cast members to appear in the first episode for all of thirty seconds, insert vengeance demon, and a wish that "such and such" had never happened. Then they can start the reboot where ever they wanted and make what ever changes they wanted, after all it would be a new wish dimension.

For this to work though, we would still need a cast of talented actors who would truly look the parts. These would be my picks.

Buffy - Ashley Benson - Have you seen her on Pretty Little Liars? She totally has the acting ability to be the quick witted Buffy we all know.

Xander - Josh Peck - There are a few actors out there who I think could pull off Xander in the looks department, but I think Josh Peck would be best to capture Xander's humor, and the resemblance isn't far off.

Willow - Morgan Smith Goodwin - Yes, the girl from the Wendy's commercials. Every time I watch those I can just picture her saying a Willow line. "A doodle, I do doodle, you too, you do doodle too."

Angel - Paul Wesley -  Let's be serious he's pretty much playing this character already on The Vampire Diaries. Check out The Vampire Diaries just like Buffy.

Faith - Ellen Page - How much does she look like Eliza Dusku in this photo, it's crazy, and I think she could really pull off Faith.

Spike - Kyle Schmid - I don't know if anyone could ever play Spike the way James Marsters did, and I don't think anyone could pull off bleached hair quite the same. But, after watching Kyle Schmid on Being Human, and with those blue eyes and cheekbones, I think he'd be a great Spike.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review for Adam’s List by Jennifer Ann (aka: Jen Naumann)

5 Stars.
Hot and Heartfelt. I don’t read too many contemporary novels, but I’ve been intrigued by the NA POV and have enjoyed Naumann’s writing in the past. I was able to receive a free copy of Adam’s List from the author, so I thought, why not, and I loved it.

This book was Hot. There’s lots of steamy romance in this novel. Personally I don’t read a lot of heavy romance novels and I stay clear of erotica. I love romance, but don’t want to read really graphic romance. What I loved about this book was that it was loaded with romance, but it didn’t feel vulgar. It was sexy.

As for the plot, we get to see a number of fun places. Adam and Jewels go on a trip that I think every college-age person plans at some point in time, but that most don’t actually get to do. Throughout the novel there is this bittersweet tug and pull between living life to the fullest and being responsible, which is exactly what becoming an adult is all about.

The story progressed at a natural rate, and the characters felt real. Jewels is a character with layers, she can be bubbly and bright, but she has things she struggles with as well. She felt very real to me, and I loved her. Her relationship with Adam was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and I completely understood how she was feeling every step of the way. He pulls her life back into perspective and she does the same for him. They make each other better. The surrounding characters were fun as well and they each had their own unique personalities. All together these characters take you on a journey that will tug at your heartstrings.

Overall, if you’re a fan of romance, I highly recommend this one.