Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review for Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout

Angsty and Action Packed.

5 Stars. I loved every second of this book. Normally I’m not interested in anything alien related, but I gave this alien love story a go and I’m so glad I did. Before you let your mind dive too far into the realm of scifi you need to know that these were not ET, or Predator like aliens. Think more like Superman or I am Number Four. They were beings from another plant that were really similar to humans just really attractive and with awesome powers.
The relationships in this book were so real. You have Daemon who wants to pretty much stay away from humans to keep himself and his sister safe knowing that they have a secret that needs to be protected. Where as his sister Dee just wants to live her life and pushes to be like everyone else around her, even if they are a different species. Her want to be normal brings her and Katy together. Their friendship is easy and real and you completely understand why they quickly become best friends. Their friendship also brings Katy and Daemon closer.
The “I want you but hate you at the same time” thing that Katy and Daemon had going on was perfectly done and incredibly hot. This wasn’t an “insta-love” romance or one where I didn’t understand why they pushed each other away. It was completely believable and relatable. I also loved how much Dee was involved in the story, she’s just as much a main character as Katy or Daemon and I felt it gave the book a deeper feel. It wasn’t just a love story.
Overall this book was absolutely amazing. I felt like I could completely connect with Katy. She was confidant and gutsy, always throwing something back at Daemon when he got under her skin, but she was down to earth as well. Daemon’s little game with the bonus points was a lot of fun, and the history of what Daemon is was well developed, and there was believable buildup to finding out about his past.
I will defiantly be reading this entire series and looking into more from this author.

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