Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review for Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Harris

4.5 Stars. Quirky and Engaging.

Living Dead in Dallas, like Dead until Dark is a fast paced story with an action packed plot. New supernatural creatures and elements are introduced in this book, many of them much scarier than vampires. However, like the first book, what makes this story special is its characters who are each unique and well written. Even some of the bad guys have you rooting for them at one point or another. 

As with the first book I love Sookie’s personality. She’s quirky and a little strange, but her oddities are endearing. Bill continues to have his secrets, but his relationship with Sookie grows in this book and despite the fact that he keeps things from her I enjoy seeing them together.

As for Sam however, I find I like him less and less as this series continues. He’s constantly pushing himself on Sookie, and it feels like he doesn’t respect her boundaries at all. However, there were some interesting developments in his storyline in this book that relate to his love life and I think it will be fun to see how that develops. The supernatural world Sookie was introduced to in the first book in this series is growing for everyone in Sookie's life, particularly Sam.

Eric continues to make his way deeper into Sookie’s life as well, but I don’t find his methods as disrespectful as Sam’s. He and Sookie have developed an interesting friendship, and I do enjoy watching them interact. However, sometimes I think Sookie lets him get closer to her than she should knowing that he has feelings for her. At a few different points in this book both she and Bill make you question just what exactly counts as cheating in their relationship.

Overall I enjoyed this book, and will probably continue with the series.

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