Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review for Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins

The Perfect Conclusion to the Sweet Evil trilogy. 

4.5 Stars. All the things I wanted to see happen in this book happened, and it wrapped up the story well. Once again I felt Higgins did a good job balancing the religious aspects of this story with the rest of the plot and I was left with a satisfying conclusion.

All of the characters have come so far, their relationships have grown and each one is very different from the person they were in the first book. Anna is a leader now and she really runs the show in this book, as for the other Neph, they are all standing up for themselves and allow themselves to truly be independent from their fathers for the first time. There were some bitter sweet moments seeing all of these characters grow up.

I loved the chapter quotes. I felt they set up the coming scenes well, and I loved the overall storyline.

Kaidan and Anna do finally hook up in this book, however I felt a little disappointed with it. The first two books had some great steamy and angsty scenes, but then when we finally get to the big love scene in this book there's a decent amount of build up, but then a fade to black. I just wanted a little more.

As with the first two books there's a lot of planning and time the Nephs get to spend together, but also a good amount of action. I felt like Higgins stepped up the violence and fear just enough in this book, but she still left us with an overall happy ending, which I always enjoy. Still, there were more than a few parts that made me cry.

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