Friday, March 15, 2013

Re-release of Into the Deep

I know I had hoped to have the re-release of Into the Deep out by the 1st of March, but I promise I have good reason for not only missing that deadline but also pushing it back. Since there won't be any major changes to the overall plot of Into the Deep, I wanted to make sure that if anyone were buying it for the second time that I had enough new material to make purchasing the book again worthwhile. Originally I had planned to have one bonus chapter from Brant's POV and a teaser from the next book, Hidden Beneath. But I've decided to add two more bonus chapters from Brant's POV and to extend the teaser to be the prologue and first chapter of Hidden Beneath.

Into the Deep will be re-released MONDAY MARCH 25th

But, until then, here's a teaser from one of the bonus chapters told through Brant's point of view.

"I was sitting on a table top on the common. My fingers tapped against its cement surface with restless unease, wishing they had a Marlboro between them. I told myself that I was waiting for Skyler and Jason, but part of me was looking through the crowd for her. We’d broken up weeks ago, if broken up was really the word, but a little part of me still hoped she’d come around.
             I sighed. I was hoping she’d blow off her friends, basically commit social suicide, and come talk to me after I’d ended things with her. It was pathetic, and completely unrealistic. I knew I didn’t have the best reputation, and the stack of pink slips I had from Farrow along with the list of detentions on my record certainly didn’t help. But if she just for one second could decide not to be such a sheep and stand up to Christy Noonan and…I sighed again. The problem wasn’t just that Christy was a selfish, stuck up bitch; the problem was that I had thought Tiana wasn’t."

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  1. Love it, Lauryn, I've always liked Brandt, and incidentally love that picture of you enjoying the sun, too...


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