Monday, March 25, 2013

Into the Deep Re-Release Available Today!

When I finished my first draft of Into the Deep and decided to publish it, my biggest goal was to have it out by the summer of 2012. This world of self-publishing that I had entered was new and exciting, but also scary, and so I knew if I was going to continue with it that I needed to just do it, or accept that I would procrastinate for years and possibly never feel like my work was ready, and thus never reach that final stage of publishing. So I just did it. I got my book to a place where I felt like it was “done” and I put it out there for the world to see. I received some words of praise and some harsh criticisms, and I learned from both. I also learned from the experience as a whole. Publishing Into the Deep, was sort of a trial by fire for me, and while I made it out the other side it wasn’t without a few burns.
                 Since I first released Into the Deep, I’ve learned a lot about the self-publishing industry, and I’ve also grown a lot as a writer. Now looking back I can see where I’ve done things right and where I’ve made mistakes. I love Into the Deep, and I don’t regret publishing it when I did, but I feel like the first release of this book was incomplete. It was unfinished, and unrefined. Parts were a little messy and while the storyline itself felt and still feels right to me, my telling of it wasn’t the best it could have been. So, with the re-release of Into the Deep, I seek to take this book the rest of the way there.
                 The rerelease of Into the Deep, has been corrected for grammatical mistakes as well as word choice. The plot remains basically the same with some adjustments for incongruity. There are a few smaller moments which have been added, and one new scene, as well as three bonus chapters told through Brant’s POV and excerpt from the second book Hidden Beneath which will be out summer of 2013.
                 To all of you who have already read Into the Deep and enjoyed it I hope these new additions will add to the overall experience of this story and give you something to read while you wait for the release of Hidden Beneath. And, to those who are just picking up Into the Deep for the first time, I'm glad to say you'll be getting the best version of the story.

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