Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to The Writer Diaries!

I wanted to make a post to let everyone know about a new project I’m getting involved in called The Writer Diaries. Our blog launches TODAY, and I would love for all my followers to stop by and take a look. Anyone who’s looking to find some new authors to check out or if there are any writers out there interested in the words of wisdom twelve crazy ladies have to share stop on by.
We’re planning to post on popular writing topics, review books, talk how music inspires our writing, and of course share our experiences writing.
Visit us at follow us on facebook here, or follow us on twitter at @writerdiaries
For more information on the lovely ladies I'll be working with check out their blogs below. We're all at different points in our writing careers and I think we'll be able to offer different and interesting opinions on the topics we talk about.

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