Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Free YA PNR Book

Hello lovely readers. I am working to grow my mailing list and for anyone that subscribes at www.laurynapril.com I will be giving out a free mobi file of Into the Deep.

About My Mailing List: I don't send out a lot of e-mails, so don't worry about being spammed! At most I send a handful of e-mails a year with information on promotions and giveaways I'm running for my books.

About Into the Deep: Into the Deep was released in 2012, and revised in 2013. It was my debut novel and I'm still very proud of it. It's a BRAG medallion honoree and has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon.


Ivy Daniels is a high school junior still learning who she is. After an accident, Ivy finds herself with an ability she doesn’t want, an ability to uncover secrets which quickly begins to redefine what she thinks about the people around her as well as herself. Because of this ability, Ivy becomes the one thing that stands between an angry teen and the death of every student on campus. The only problem is she doesn’t know who wants everyone dead. Will she figure out who has this dark secret, or will she fail to find him in time?

Through her search to do the right thing, Ivy discovers that knowing the thoughts and secrets of those around her may just tear her apart.

Into the Deep is a paranormal romance for mature young adults, that looks at how we define who we are, and what it means to feel alone. It contains minimal use of strong language and mild sensuality.

So, if you haven't already, please join my mailing list by going to www.laurynapril.com, and share this with all of your friends.

Thank you!

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