Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Books I Wish would have Ended Differently

Every time I read a book I have ideas pop into my head about what could happen (usually in regard to how the book ends). Sometimes, those ideas grow, turning into threads of an alternate reality that play over inside my mind. Usually, I continue reading and I'm glad when things don't go exactly how I pictured them. It's nice to be surprised. Except, every now and then I like the version in my head better. Every once and a while I'm left emotionally raw at the end of a book because I just felt like there was another way things could have gone -- a better way. Now, I'm also a sucker for happy endings so this may have something to do with these fantasies in my head. Below are how I wish some of my favorite books would have ended.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Delirium - This book ends with the main character, Lena, being saved from being cured of love by Alex. She escapes over the fence to safety, but Alex is caught. I wish it would have ended with Lena getting caught! I wanted her to have the surgery and discover that it didn't work on her just like with her mother. Then the second book could have focused on her pretending to be "cured" but secretly she'd be sneaking around with  Alex and working within the gates to help the rebellion. Part of the reason I didn't continue with this series was because the second book seemed to take Lena in a very different direction than the first book. Read my Review of Delirium

Before I Fall - This book ends with Sam finally getting out of her time-loop by dying to save Juliet. What I disliked about the ending, other than the fact that Sam dies, was that Lindsay, who was way more responsible for Juliet's state of mind than Sam, had no real reason to change. I felt like a stronger ending would have been Lindsay helping Sam talk Juliet down and away from the road. Then Lindsay would actually take on some responsibility for her actions, and they could save Juliet without anyone dying. Lindsay would change as a person. Kent and Sam would get to make out and maybe Sam wakes up the next day to Kent's alarm, thinking it's hers and that the day is repeating again, then she realizes she's in bed with Kent. BOOM everyone's happy. (This is how I pretend it ended in my head.) Read my Review of Before I Fall

The One (Selection #3) - This book ends with Maxson picking America and the King dying. I wished they didn't kill the King so we could have seen America and him butt heads in a fourth book. The One didn't feel like a sufficient ending for America and Maxon. I really wish the author had done a fourth book (about them, not their daughter) showing how they were going to rule differently than the King. And if he had been alive for that fourth book, watching Maxon and America try to make changes while the King was still in power could have been an epic plot. Read my Review for The One

What books do you wish would have ended differently?

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