Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lauryn April's Summer Read Recommendations

Feel like diving into a YA Paranormal story this summer? The first day of Summer is officially June 21st, but it feels like it's already here. If you're like me your TBR list is endless. So, here are some ideas to help you pick your next book based on how you want to spend your vacation.

How will you spend your summer?

Go on a Road Trip with a Bad Boy:
Feel the need to get away, but don't want to travel solo? A cross country trip is just enough time to break through that insufferable bad-boy's walls and bring out the sweet guy inside.

Sweet Evil
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Road Trip to: LA
Bad Boy: Kaidan Rowe 

Anna Whitt is so sweet and innocent, which makes the road trip she takes with Kai all the more interesting. You can't help but wonder and even hope that she'll soon give in to him. And, with all the alone time they have together driving down the road or in hotel rooms it feels like it's inevitable for something to happen between them.

Hidden Beneath
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Road Trip to: Northern California
Bad Boy: Brant Everett

A road trip with one's ex-boyfriend may not sound like the best of plans most days, but with the amount of chemistry that continues to sizzle between Ivy and Brant you can't help but love every angsty second of their time together. Hidden Beneath will have you craving for this couple to get back together as they uncover a murder mystery on the road.

Embrace Your Alter Ego:
Are you the bookish, sweet girl-next-door? Maybe it's time to spice things up and see the world from a different POV.

Warm Bodies
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Main Character: R
Personality: Eay-going, uninspired, zombie

YA tends to be overrun with female POV's. Getting into a guy's head may be just what you need to experience a story in a new way. And, if reading a guy's POV isn't interesting enough for you, seeing the world through the eyes of a zombie should do the trick.

A Different Kind
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Main Character: Payton Carlson
Personality: Confident, blond, cheerleader

Payton Carlson is the "anti-Bella". If you're tired of reading about meek, defenseless, female leads A Different Kind will be a breath a fresh air. Payton's character grows a lot throughout this book. You'll get to experience her inner conflict every step of the way as she faces the possibility of being "taken" for good, along with giving in to her feelings for outcast Logan Reed.

Travel Somewhere New:
Maybe a cross-county road trip doesn't get you far enough away from home. These next books are all set somewhere other than the US.

Reaper's Novice
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Travel Destination: Vienna

Ana is a character that anyone would relate to. Getting pulled into her world, both Vienna and the hidden places she sees as a Reaper's Novice is fascinating. There's truly some beautiful imagery in this book as you follow Ana on this mysterious journey.

Valkyrie Rising
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Travel Destination: Norway

Norse mythology in Norway, what could be better? This book will pull you deep into the sights and culture of Norway as you follow Ellie through her grandmother's home town alongside her brother and his hot best friend, Tuck.

What are you planning to read this summer? Share your recommendations below!


  1. Love the post! Wish I'd thought of it. Loved Sweet Evil!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. I loved the Nice (but witty) Girl and Bad Boy team in both 'Into the Deep' and 'Hidden Beneath' and I'm a NSYA [Not So Young Adult]. That gambling scene where they work together in 'Hidden Beneath' is my hands down favourite. Still having to post as 'Anonymous' through Wordpress glitch, sorry about this.


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