Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review for Paranormal Keepers by Jen Naumann

Sucked in from the Start

5 Stars. I was instantly hooked by this story. The very first chapter sent chills through me, and I couldn’t help but be sucked into Harper’s life. You quickly learn that Harper’s boyfriend has died and everyone thinks she killed him. From that point on you’re pulled into a dark mystery as Harper tries to find out what happened to Gavin. His death changes her and because of it Harper finds herself dragged into this paranormal world and a battle between good and evil.

As the story goes on there are a lot of guys introduced to Harper’s life, and I liked that I didn’t know who her love interest was going to be right away. All of the characters felt so real and were developed well that their relationships with Harper grew naturally. In a lot of YA it’s obvious who the love interest is from the very beginning and I liked that Naumann kept me guessing and made this more about who the characters were than just making it a love story.

When Derek is introduced I immediately wanted to see him and Harper together, but Harper isn’t over Gavin yet and there’s a lot of great tension between them. As for Leo, you kind of love to hate him. At first I really wanted Harper to fall for Dex, but as the story went on I kind of wanted to see Leo redeem himself too. There is a little bit of a triangle that develops between Dex, Harper and Leo, but it was done in a way where I didn’t feel like Harper was being wishy-washy.

This book was full of twists and turns. As soon as I thought I knew what direction it was going in, things would change and nothing would be what I expected, and the ending was just awesome. There are a number of bitter-sweet moments that will pull at your heartstrings. And, while I would love to see a sequel, things do get wrapped up well in the end.

This book had scary moment and sweet ones as well. All together it was an exciting and entertaining read.

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