Saturday, August 17, 2013

Books on Sale! $7.99 Paperbacks.

Paperback Sale!

I've run a number of e-book sales over the last year with Into the Deep, and I realized that I've ignored the paperback readers. I've all but shunned those who are addicted to the feel of paper beneath their fingertips and the sound of a new spine cracking. I've forgotten about those who take in the smell of printed words and the sounds of turning a page as part of their overall reading experience. Well, I've decided to rectify that. Not only am I offering a sale on my paperbacks, but I'm allowing lovers of physical books everywhere to buy my newest novel, Hidden Beneath, days before it's available for e-readers.

Get both Into the Deep and Hidden Beneath for only $7.99 a piece on Createspace today! Yes, Hidden Beneath doesn't officially come out until Tuesday, but you can order your copy today and save $2.00! Just use the discount code 2QQWLYJX.

Discount will only be available for a limited time!

Into the Deep:

Hidden Beneath:

Happy Reading Everyone!

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