Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hidden Beneath Teaser (Into the Deep 2)

My first novel "Into the Deep" ended with Ivy Daniels coming to terms with her telepathic ability. The sequel "Hidden Beneath" will be out this summer and it picks up roughly a year and a half later. Ivy's junior year of high school has come and gone, but mysteries and dangerous situations havn't completely left her behind. Now as Ivy prepares for college she'll find herself pulled into a whole new adventure.

 For more information on the first book of this series, "Into the Deep" check out it's Goodreads page here. And, for a (unedited) sneak peak at "Hidden Beneath" keep reading.


Before I knew it my feet were wet and I was shivering. The water felt like needles against my skin. Step by step I made my way deeper into the water. Waves splashed at my legs and the tide tugged at me. I was shaking and with each pull of the ocean I grew more and more unbalanced. It pulled me down like the physical embodiment of my guilt, and gained strength as I moved deeper. I had to save him.

I heard Brant’s voice again. “God, Ivy, I’m so sorry.”

I kept walking. The water was up to my waist now, and my teeth were chattering so hard I thought they might chip.

“This is all my fault, please forgive me.” Brant’s voice echoed behind me.

Forgive me, forgive, I realized then that I’d done exactly what I’d been trying to prevent Brant from doing. I spun back around. I searched for Brant on the beach, but he was gone. The ocean surged around me and the salt water got into my mouth. I suddenly realized I was chasing after a dead man because I couldn’t stop blaming myself for his death.

I was hit by a heavy wave. It knocked me off balance. I reached my arms out to try and regain my equilibrium but I still stumbled. The tide pulled at my legs and uprooted them from the sandy ocean floor. As I sunk beneath the surface of the violent waves the last thing I saw was the empty, dark, beach.

Suddenly the world was calm. I swayed back and forth with the tide. Underwater I couldn’t hear the violent roar of the storm or the crashing of the waves. Submerged, everything suddenly began to still and I swam. Bubbles trailed from my nose and I swam underwater toward the beach.

For more information on Hidden Beneath check out its Goodreads Page.
To read another teaser click here.

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