Saturday, May 18, 2013

Into the Deep Dream Cast

With "Hidden Beneath" in the end stages of publication I thought I'd look back at the first book in the Ivy Daniels series, "Into the Deep".

Lately it seems like every movie being made started as a book. (The Hunger Games, Warm Bodies, City of Bones, and the list goes on...) So, it's not a stretch as a writer to daydream about who would play my characters if my book were ever adapted to the big screen. Granted the liklihood of this happening is slim, but it doesn't hurt to dream. So, just for fun, here are my picks for the cast of "Into the Deep" if it were ever made into a movie or TV show.

Ivy Daniels - Diana Argon

Brant Everett - Chase Crawford

Charlie Olsen - Gia Mantegna

Tiana Bello - Keke Palmer

Eliza Hall - Megan Fox

Christy Noonan - Bridget Mendler

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