Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Join my Street Team

Do you like free stuff? Then you might like being a part of my street team. Join for free, and participate as much or as little as you want. Help me promote my books and get free stuff like books and swag in return.

What You'll Get:

Members of my street team will have access to...
  • Free Books (Mine, and those of other authors)
  • ARC copies for review
  • Swag like bookmarks and stickers
  • Exclusive content related to my books
  • Amazon gift cards

What You Have to Do:

Helping me promote my work is easy. I'll e-mail you when I have a promotion coming up, and you can help by...
  • Tweeting about my promotion
  • Sharing my content on Facebook
  • Handing out swag like stickers and bookmarks
  • Hosting a giveaway
  • Posting content on your blog like cover reveals, interviews, ect...

And, if you're ever unable to help, or choose not to promote a particular project for me, you don't have to do anything. The more you participate the more prizes you have access to.

Join my team today and receive a free kindle copy of one of my books, your choice. All members will receive an e-mail within a few days of applying asking which book they would like.


What Will Your Street Team be Promoting Next?

Within the following months my street team members will have access to ARC copies of my next book Unearthed After Sunset, a NA Vampire Suspense novel. They will have the opportunity to be a part of my cover reveal, blog tour, and release party this fall.

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