Unearthed After Sunset

Unearthed After Sunset
Rating: 17+
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Unearthed After Sunset:

When Greg Erickson is killed by sultry and seductive vampire, Lila, he wakes up cold and alone in a wooden box. After clawing his way out he finds himself thrust into a vampire turf war, unsure of exactly what he’s fighting for. Greg discovers that it’s not easy to be human one day and hunting humans the next, and while his new vampire cohorts try to get him to accept his newfound existence there’s one girl from his human life he’s unable to forget.

Caroline Christensen lived a normal life once. Then her brother was killed by vampires and her family legacy as a vampire hunter was handed down to her. When she meets Greg at the bar one night they both feel a connection. Then Greg discovers Caroline’s secret and she worries he’ll never talk to her again. Soon she finds out that he has a very different reason for not calling – he’s dead.

Now Greg has become the thing Caroline is supposed to hunt, but can she bring herself to kill him? Greg, however, isn’t Caroline’s only concern. There’s something going on with the vampires. They’re fighting over something and she’s determined to find out what it is.


"It has all the things I love about Buffy and vampire stories in general, plus a good helping of originality." - Beta Reader

"reminiscent of Anne Rice's at times, especially with the first-person perspective." - Beta Reader

"this is definitely not a story like Twilight; here our vampires are definitely not vegetarian." - Beta Reader

"I liked the story. It was full of action, drama and sensuality." - Beta Reader